Crash Course World History

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Crash Course World History

Post by SkepticalDragon on Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:38 am

Learn more about world history, share your favorite segment, or share your thoughts. No look at history can be without bias and being as brief as it is it's difficult to distinguish bias from time constraints.

Also another educational video that I really appreciate because, being predominately of two heritages, one of them German... this is something that strangely I have gotten into arguments about frequently... Americans don't know the difference between Germans and the Dutch.
A very disappointing memory of a woman who was very taken by a man she believed to be German and was trying to show him off to me, perhaps to make me jealous because he was German, which I said that his accent wasn't German. She getting very offended said he clearly had a German accent. I said he sounded more Dutch. Which after her berating me he happily admitted that actually he was in fact Dutch living in Germany.

And how I found this youtube commentator, who I disagree with at times despite his excellent presentation, because of this video. A friend asked me about the difference between the United Kingdom, England, and Great Britain... which I didn't know... and thankfully as a naturalized British citizen he has an explanation!

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