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Post by watermonkey319 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:55 am

Felt like thowing this out here half for view-whoring, half for everyone to revel in the magnificent quality of acting talent that continues to go unnoticed in our lovely pool moderators and staff.

-Yep, sarcasm.

In short, this is a collection of gay and sex jokes thrown together in the form of a Durarara parody by a bunch of the old JD community and me about a year ago.


Shogun as Shinra
Vapen as Shizuo
Severus as Dota
Sai as Walker
SunshinexKite as Erika
Rougeassassin as Ryugamine
Kusa as Kasuka
BRC as Mika

..and a few other I might've missed from scrolling down the members list.

Like I said, the writing and the editing's a bit (completely) on the crap side of the spectrum so it wouldn't exactly hurt my feelings to see this fade into the back pages. But I like to tell my self this is a nice little part of JD history and would enjoy knowing that it's in the archives somewhere.


Also, not sure if Lloyd transferred over, but he made the awesome ED.

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