Kodocha Season 2 Review [Episodes 52-102]

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Kodocha Season 2 Review [Episodes 52-102]

Post by MrLincecum on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:08 am

Hey there! It's MrLincecum again, and i'm going to be rounding out the Kodocha series with a review of the second season [Episodes 52-102]. Let's not waste any time, let's get right into it!


Have you ever driven somewhere, realized it wasn't as great as you thought it was going to be, and couldn't wait to get back home? Think of the second season of Kodocha like this. It's a really fun change from the first season, but there are still some flaws and some of them, unfortunately, can't be corrected. This part of Kodocha is not dubbed, and there's too much time spent away from many of the core characters that it starts to get a bit annoying. But this, despite what I said, is an excellent way to bring Kodocha to it's final chapter, and it's so much fun to watch!


Sana, Akito, and the rest of the 6th graders from the previous season are now in middle school! Not only is Sana excited, but the rest of the students in the school are excited as well to have a T.V. star going to their school. But life isn't fun and games in middle school for Sana, and she constantly finds herself having to choose between school, her friends, and her career, oftentimes missing large chunks of the year due to her acting career. As the challenges get tougher, however, Sana discovers her feelings for Akito, but it may already be too late...

I apologize, but I had to be vague there. It's so easy to give away all the big plot details in a review like this because the plot looks so good on paper, but was it executed properly? Well... yes and no.

There were little to no plot holes as far as I can remember, and the plot did spin in various different directions which did cause a lot of variety, but the lack of inclusion of many of the characters the viewer is closest to does create a sense of emptiness while watching this season. I'm used to Akito saying something cool or funny in many situations, i'm used to Tsuyoshi being the helpful yet not...so helpful... friend, ect. What i'm trying to say is that this part of the anime focuses mainly on Sana and Naozumi [Almost forgot his name for a second], and many of the other characters you're just left to wonder about for most of the series. Of course, you'll get a glimpse of them every now and again, and they do get their normal appearances in the beginning and end, but for the most part, the middle just doesn't feel the same [especially with the change of scenery *hint hint*]. There were also some weird transitions that got a little repetitive, but i'm not going to go too much into detail. There's also considerably less filler episodes as many of the episodes serve a bigger purpose to the story than those in the first season.


The classic Kodocha characters, the unforgettable Kodocha characters, the incomparable Kodocha characters, there's so many ways I can describe them, but i'll just stick with two thumbs up. The characters shine again in this part of the series and they really leave their mark on you. Not once is a character introduced without their being some kind of development [even the characters I personally didn't like *cough Sicil cough*]. Although there is a much bigger group of characters now, the anime still manages to put each and every one of them on the stage at some point. Sure, there is an absence of most of the main cast from the previous season during the bulky point, but the characters that "replace" them are done very well. Want more? You can actually notice the characters changing as time goes along! They're not the same 6th graders they once were, you can actually see them mature! What more do I need to say? These characters rock!


There's no real change in animation from one season to the next. It's still enjoyable, but not exactly spectacular. This'll be the shortest segment of my review because there's really no change in quality and I explained it pretty well in my review of season 1. But I will say wherever the characters go seems to be an accurate representation of their location and it always looks fairly well drawn.


This is by far the biggest change in the anime from the first season, primarily due to the fact that it's not dubbed. Excuse me for a moment...


But actually, it wasn't dubbed due to low sales on the first season... and it probably won't ever be dubbed...

This is the biggest possible hit this anime can take, the voice acting was so good in the first season, and now all of a sudden I have to listen to Naozumi's wimpy cry and Akito's nasal voice? It just doesn't work! The characters sound so much different than their originals that it just makes tuning back into Kodocha mode almost ridiculously hard. It took me at least 5-6 episodes to get used to the different voice actors, and then I began to separate the good ones from the not so good ones...

The opening theme was the same as the first season, but it's still so fun to listen to! Come on everyone! Let's get ultra relaxed!
I don't practice that dance in my spare time at all... not at all...
The closing theme[s] were great as well and really ended each anime on a cool note and really made it feel as if it were a reality show. In short, the music used in this anime was spot on amazing.

Closing Notes

Boy, that was an extremely fun ride. That's the best word I can use to describe this anime, fun. It had it's serious moments, and it had a ton of romantic elements intertwined in it's plot, but the thing you'll remember most about Kodocha is how fun it was. In this season, things sure are different, but it adds a lot more realism and a lot more heart as you see these young children mature right before your very eyes. The music is a huge plus, the characters are a home run, the animation is right on, the plot takes you in so many directions that haven't been explored, even the voice acting which is the low of this part of the series can still get it's strong points in from time to time. Overall, this part of the anime was not as good as the first in my opinion, but boy was it a hell of a way to close out such an awesome anime! I sincerely hope anyone reading this review at least gives Kodocha a try. This anime is, was, and most likely will forever will be my number 1 favorite anime. Thanks for reading, and here are the final scores [I will be giving the scores for season 2, and the score for the anime as a whole.]

Scores for Season 2

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Animation: 6/10
Audio: 5/10
Comedy: 8/10
Re-Watch Value: Medium
Averaged Overall: 7.6/10
Personal Overall: 9/10

*I left out Genre because it would be unfair to judge this season in a category that I didn't judge last seasons with.

Score for entire Kodocha series

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Animation: 6/10
Audio: 7/10
Comedy: 8/10
Genre: 10/10
Re-Watch Value: Medium
Averaged Overall: 8.3/10
Personal Overall: 10/10

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