Vividred Operation getting PS3 title

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Vividred Operation getting PS3 title

Post by BK-201 on Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:25 am

Operation Vividgame: Vividred Operation getting PS3 title

We should definitely have expected this, given that Namco Bandai is pretty much the official hub of licensed anime games, but the positive sign here is that based on the screenshots, Vividred Operation: The Game looks much prettier than your average tie-in, almost to the level of a Cyberconnect2-developed Naruto game.

The PS3 game promises big boss fights (against the Angel-like Alone enemies), visual novel elements (for increased Power of Friendship), and in the Vividred tradition, the ability for color-coded magical girls to merge into older, sexier, more powerful magical girls.

The one thing left unexpanded upon was just how fixated the game would be on short shorts, hot pants, bloomers, and general affairs regarding butts, butts, and...butts.


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